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This was a fun little horror game! Nice job! 

This game is actually a lot of fun for something short and simple. Definitely worth checking out! 

Here’s my video for anyone interested:

it was kind of hard getting away from the guy cause i believe he is faster but it wasnt too bad of a game :D

I like how simplistic it was, but still somehow managed to be scary. I played it first in my 3 pack of games and had a really good time with it. Thanks.

very nice

I enjoyed it in a short but fun way.재밌었어요 :)

Gave it a go...

Fun little game. Simple and yet still got me with an unintentional jump scare! Well done. XD

Forged By Games Deep Night playthrough.

Click the image above to watch my playthrough of Deep Night on YouTube!

Pretty basic game, but it's ok. 

Cool game gave a try.

Howdy! I played your game and had a good time, I had a couple critiques, but I know you're still pretty new to game dev so I fully understand! So anyway, thank you for sharing your game!